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management assistant

Dedicated to racehorse owners, RACING ADMIN is a management assistant and administrative concierge.


With in-depth knowledge of the industry and a strong expertise in management, RACING ADMIN offers personalized and bespoke support at every stage of a racehorse owner’s life, from creation to the optimized daily management of their stable.

Our expertise to support your passion


Depending on the client's needs, the different services can be uncorrelated and independent


Racing Admin can be part of an established management team (Family Office, Management Office etc.) or work independently.


A unique point of contact to manage all your horses issues which offers speed of execution and flawless monitoring.


Racing Admin is an independant company working with trainers, bloodstock agents, studs designated by our mutual owners


Management expertise, in-depth knowledge of the racing environment and a solid network particularly with institutions.


The owner has a clear and detailed vision of the administrative and financial situation of his stable in real time, via a dedicated web access


France Galop registration support

and related procedures, for individuals, sole ownership, syndicates, breeding operations etc

Introducing newcomers
Transitioning established owners

Advise & implementation of the appropriate ownership structure :

- Transfer from sole ownership to legal entity

- Writing and registration of the company status (in compliance with France Galop prerequisite), dedicated bank account opening 

- Managing registrations processes with French authorities, accounting contracts, etc

- Horse’s ownership transfer

Account management : tax declaration, VAT declaration, VAT recovery tracking, annual accounts, fiscal duties

Admin management : receipt of invoices, control and payment

Day to day management of the owner’s duties

Legal management : annual statement, general assemblies, account publications

Analytic report : periodical report based on owner’s requirement

Ownership management : partnership contracts, ownership card, France Galop, breeding premium

Long-term management : set up and follow up of the insurance policies





who we are

Charlotte Le Metayer launched RACING ADMIN in 2020 to provide an effective solution to owners who are facing a major challenge when it comes to racing and breeding in France: the French administrative complexity.


RACING ADMIN was therefore created to offer premium, independent and bespoke services to racehorse owners, finding its roots in a deep passion for racehorses, in-depth knowledge of the racing industry, expertise in management developed over the years and appetency for premium and exclusive services.


Racing Admin is a team of two dedicated people and a specialized partners’ network.


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